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Small Sided Football

In line with the recommendations of the FFA, WACFA endorses a non-competitive environment as the best way to introduce young players to the game of football. In our U6, U8 and U10 competitions no competition table is kept and the formats follow the “Miniroos” formats as seen in the following links and as detailed in the WACFA By-laws.

“Miniroos” is the name the FFA has given to a modified form of football designed to meet the needs of young players who have very different developmental characteristics to adult players. The philosophy of “Miniroos” focuses on participation, fun and enjoyment of the game and its reduced player numbers maximises the individual’s contact with the ball while retaining the competitive element essential for player development.

The following links provide the general rules and playing formats for “Miniroos” and should be read in conjunction with the WACFA By-laws. The WACFA Competition By-laws take precedence where differences exist.

Mini Roos Rules